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Lukisegler NG XS


I designed the Lukisegler NG XS as a prototype for other, larger versions of the Lukisegler NG. Originally, I didn't want to integrate any RC functions, but rather build a pure free-flying aircraft to test the center of gravity and the shape of the fuselage and wing.
What started as a proof of concept developed into a challenge: How small and light can I create a well flying, fully controllable RC glider using 3D printing?
The result is a mini RC glider with a wingspan of 900mm and a fuselage length of around 500mm that weighs under 100g ready to fly.
The wing is in one piece and is attached to the fuselage with a screw connection. It can be easily removed, giving good access to the servos in the fuselage for adjustments or repairs. The pendulum elevator and the ailerons are controlled by micro servos. A 1s-LiPo battery supplies the standard receiver and the servos with energy.



The Lukisegler NG XS is a pure glider model. The pilot should have some experience. A slope with an updraft is a must have for longer flights.
Due to its low weight, the plane also copes with one or the other harder landing without damage.
The construction is uncomplicated. The printing time for all parts is approx. 30 hours. Once all the parts have been printed out, the model can be assembled by an experienced model builder in about 10 hours.


When designing and printing the parts for my RC flight models, I use PrusaSlicer, which can be downloaded from https://www.prusa3d.de/prusaslicer/, to realize special desired properties for 3D printed parts. These properties (e.g. adhesive surfaces or internal support structures) cannot be achieved at all or only with great difficulty using a CAD program alone.
I use modifiers in Prusaslicer, which are essential for building this glider. For this reason I do not provide stl-files, but 3mf-files for download. If you still need stl files, here (Video: Extract stl-files out of 3mf-files) you will find a link on how stl files can be exported in PrusaSlicer.

The print files can be downloaded on Printables.com:

On YouTube I have compiled a playlist of build videos for the Lukisegler NG XS: